Girls Do Video Games Too…Even Better!

Zora Ball, at just 7 years old, made headlines as the youngest person to create a mobile video game.

So  the next time you tell your kids to, “Get off that computer!” you never know…instead of playing a game…they can be creating one!

Zora Ball

Ball developed the game using programming language Bootstrap, which is usually taught to students between the ages of 12 and 16, to help them learn concepts of algebra via video game development.  And for the ones who doubted Ms. Ball, according to the Pittsburgh Courier,

–When asked, Ball was able to reconfigure her application on the fly using Bootstrap.

We expect great things from Zora, as her older brother, Trace Ball, is a past STEM Scholar of the Year,” said Harambee Science Teacher Tariq Al-Nasir, who is also the founder of Harambee’s successful STEMnasium Learning Academy. “I am proud of all my students. Their dedication to this program is phenomenal, and they come to class every Saturday, including holiday breaks.–

What were you doing in first grade? Programming a video game? Probably not.

But Ms. Ball can serve as inspiration to little girls everywhere who only see white males as the poster of the STEM industry. Congratulations Ms. Ball we look forward to hearing your name in the future.

Go to for more.

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