In Search Of Black Women Horror Directors

Ashlee went on a search to find out where the black women directors were behind her favorite genre of film, Horror….

I knew I loved horror movies before I stepped into my first elementary school classroom and to a five year old, a girl defeating Freddy Krueger was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Women in the horror genre was my only project topic option. Past the stage of writing and reading endless articles and books on these female characters, I wanted to shift to the more accessible woman behind the lens. I was encouraged to articulate on the virtual page what I knew in my mind to be in a sense, a 21st century renaissance in horror with all these lady directors emerging from the margins of a male-dominated industry and film genre. I was blown away by the generosity of the women I reached out to and the growing list of directors that utilize the genre to tell their stories.

I decided to focus on women horror film directors and why their films and networking efforts will arguably transform the film industry and our ideas of gender equality. Overall the project came out pretty well and is certainly well received when I share my ideas and findings with others.

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