200 girls are missing in Nigeria – so why doesn’t anybody care?


Where are they?

Every morning for a week the news has been dominated by the South Korean ferry tragedy. The terrible grief of the parents, the shocking response of the crew to the unfolding disaster, and the inexorably rising body count.

Two days before the South Korean students boarded their ferry for a study trip to the nearby island of Jeju, terroists broke into a girls’ school in Chibok, in the remote state of Borno, in north-eastern Nigeria. They shot guards and abducted about 200 students, who were loaded into trucks and, it seems, taken off into the forest. Two groups of the girls, perhaps 30 in all, managed to escape. The rest have simply disappeared.

No one has admitted carrying out the mass kidnapping, although it is assumed to be the work of Boko Haram, the al-Qaida-linked jihadi group. Amnesty International says 1,500 people have been killed this year in the conflict between Boko Haram and Nigerian security forces, more than half of them civilians. The latest bombing by the group was in Abuja, on the same day the girls were abducted, in which at least 70 people died. Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, was soon on the scene. The first appearance of the Borno state governor in Chibok came yesterday, eight days after the attack.


[Read more at The Guardian]

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