Dr. Marcia Chatelain on Unapologetically Centering Black Girls in Her Scholarship

In March, Dr. Marcia Chatelain’s first book South Side Girls: Growing Up in the Great Migration hit bookshelves. Dr. Chatelain serves as an Assistant Professor of History and African America Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. I spoke with the Chicago native about black girlhood of the past and the present, how we can talk about race more effectively and her hopes of paying it forward by sharing her lessons learned with other black women in academia.

During our conversation, Dr. Chatelain told me, “When I started the journey to do my doctoral research, it was really important for me to put girls at the center of whatever research question I was asking.” With South Side Girls, Dr. Chatelain is writing black girls back into a history, from which they were erased. Her intersectional work continues as she writes her second book about race and fast food.

In addition to her work as a scholar, Dr. Chatelain speaks and teaches communities about how to discuss race and social justice.

Read more: http://www.forharriet.com/2015/06/dr-marcia-chatelain-speaks-on.html#ixzz3crGnDY5l

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