About Us

First! Thank you for coming to visit BlackWomenInBroadcast. This site was designed to Celebrate and Explore the images of African American women in broadcast television and in the media and was truly a labor of love. I hope you enjoy and become informed.

About the Creator Brittany Vickers- Brittany Vickers currently freelances for CNN and HLN in Atlanta GA as an Associate Producer. In addition to working for the world’s leading 24- hour news network, Vickers is currently a Graduate Student at the University of Georgia, pursuing a masters in Journalism and Mass Communications emphasis in Mass Media Studies. Prior to moving to the Peach State, Vickers worked as a reporter at an NBC affiliate in Columbia, MO. In addition to working as a reporter for, KBIA, an NPR affiliate. Vickers received her a dual degree from the University of Missouri: Bachelors Of Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast and a Bachelors of Arts in History (Go Tigers!) 

What is the inspiration behind BWIB? – Growing up in St.Louis, MO when my family watched the local newscast I was fortunate enough to see Black women who looked like me in the profession I desired to go into. As I grew older those numbers increased and I found myself wondering just how these women advanced to their current positions. Where did they study Journalism? What small markets did they start off in? Did they always know they wanted to go into Broadcast? However, the salient question was… what did it take for them to get there.

That desire to understand Black Women in Broadcast (BWIB) stories intensified, as I began my career as a journalist and noticed few others like me in the newsroom. The experiences that I went through both positive and challenging motivated me to create a forum that recognizes the tremendous trials that BWIB face, while also giving BWIB a space to freely share their stories and triumphs in their careers. This site is designed to serve as a tool of encouragement to women who are currently in broadcast and to those who are considering pursuing the industry. This particular idea for this website developed through a Graduate Course at the University of Georgia under the direction of journalist/writer and UGA Professor, Valerie Boyd.

While to many I would still be considered “fresh” in the industry it did not take long for me to recognize a need to highlight these women in broadcast not only so that they can have a forum, but also to showcase Black Women in Broadcast. Serving as an educational tool for all. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. God knows your hearts desire, keep focused don’t stop , God will use a willing vessel. Always be ready and let his works shine through you. You our little blessing from our God!
    Dad & Mom

  2. Brittany you are an Inspiration to black women that will come behind you and women that have paved the path before you. Your mom and dad have often told us ‘at ASCC’ about your journey, your commitment and your accomplishments. But I want you to know that we could not be more proud of you and the mantel you have decided to uphold. Keep living your dream sweetie and be blessed!

    Donna Givens
    Your Ark of Safety Family

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